Thursday, January 18, 2007

Breaking the seal

Alright, I have put off this post for sooo long. I created this blog in October of 2006, and now an incredibly wet winter has come and gone (that's optimism) and January of 2007 feels like it's flying by and dragging on simultaneously. I have a feeling that may have to do with moments the sun actually shows itself verses - most of the time.

When the sun's shining, I feel like I could really make Seattle my home. Our apartment is beautiful - overlooking the leaks that have been popping up after the recent torrential downpours, and the scenery is amazing! Everywhere you look there's a gorgeous body of water or a mountain ridge.

The rest of the time - most of the time. I feel like a stranger in a very strange, wet land. Seasonal depression has taken on new meaning. Yes, winter is cold, winter is dark. Sometimes winter brings on lots of precipitation. But I would take 2 feet of the fluffy white stuff if I could please, please, not be damp.

Not just "wet socks damp". I love the new rain boots my sweetie gave me for Christmas. I don't mind puddles, I actually enjoy some refreshing rain when the sun decides to peek out and everything glistens. None of these scenarios apply. It's just damp. The sky has been spitting on me, slowly soaking my core until I fell like my purpose is to constantly perform my new role as a Seattleite sponge. And after a year and a half - I am seriously soggy.
My Christmas boots:

But the reason I've put off this post wasn't just the wet. It's that every time I really feel the urge to vent, it's been the result of some pretty heavy thinking or situation.

I'm work for a news organization, and while I love that I have the opportunity to view photographs from around the world every day - sometimes there are things I just don't want to see.

I also had a very big year personally in which I planned a wedding from 2300 miles away, fought cold feet, and married my incredibly worthy sweetheart on what was undoubtedly the greatest day I could have dreamed of. Details to come :)

And of course then there's becoming a part of a new family, settling into adulthood - grown-up job, grown-up wedding ring, grown-up home with a cat and a dog, and grown-up responsibilities. But I still feel like a big kid - yippee!

Ahhh, so I guess I really wanted to use my first post to say, I just want to play in the sun all day! But since that's not happening anytime soon, this is where I'll be coming to work out all of those new grown-up things - how to deal with this new stage of life, and all of the complicated people and problems it insists on putting before me - even if that means another 30 straight days of rain. Sigh. And to express all of the amazing things Seattle, rain and all, is helping me learn on this rockin' new grown-up journey.

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